Ukrainian company VELTA

holds 2% of the global
titanium feedstock market share

Velta LLC is developing two titanium feedstock deposits in Ukraine.

Byrzulivske and Likarivske deposits are located
in the Kirovohrad region (Novomyrhorod district).


Ilmenite deposit was discovered in the 1960-th. In 2007 Velta Company was licensed to develop it. Byrzulivske deposit is the main of them, on the base of which there has been built mining and concentration complex for ilmenite ore treatment within the record-breaking 8 months since the end of 2011. General building input amounted to 122 million dollars.

The manufacturing at the Byrzulivvske deposit started with nominal rating capacity of 185 thousand tons per year, but it’s increased up to 270 thousand tons per year by means of the second MCC stage.

The deposit has 148.9 million cubic meters of titanium ore according to the standards of JORC and 9.45 million tons of ilmenite.

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Further production expansion is expected at the nearby Likarivske deposit which is located 7 km away from Birzulivske.

The geological exploration permit was obtained in 2011. The drilling works have been carried out since 2012 and the ilmenite resource base is expected to be amounted to 3 million tons.

The mining and separation complex planned to the construction will have the capacity of 120 ktpa.

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The Company's History

The reconstruction of the third stage of Novomyrgorod Park was completed

2019 August

Our American partners Glenn Myles and Robert James Woolsey joined the Board of Directors of Velta

2019 July

The Disctrict Administrative Court of Kyiv declared the suspension of the license illegal and obliged the State Service for Geology and Subsoil of Ukraine to issue a special permit for subsoil use at Byrzulivske deposit to Velta

2018 November

The State Service for Geology and Subsoil of Ukraine suspended the license for the use of Byrzulivske deposit in its Order No.311

2018 September

Reconstruction of the second part of Novomyrgorod central park was completed

2018 August

Velta RD Titan, a joint venture associated with Velta LLC, presented the development of an innovative method for obtaining TiO2

2017 October

The first stage of the reconstruction of Novomyrgorod central park was completed

2017 August

A special permit for the subsoil use at Likarivske deposit was obtained from the Kirovohrad Regional Council

2017 August

Velta signed the Memorandum on Strategic Cooperation with CMC Cometals to build a mining and processing complex at Likarivske deposit and attract $30 million of investment

2017 May

The exploration of Likarivske deposit was completed

2016 December

Velta received the court injunction on suspending the license and restarted the operations at the mining and processing complex

2015 December

State Service of Geology and Mineral Resources of Ukraine abolished own Order №374, which aborted working process on mining and processing complex

2015 December

Company resumes activity after decision of the District Administrative court of Kyiv

2015 December

Mining and Processing Complex completely stopped their units due to Order № 374 of the State Service of Geology and Mineral Resources of Ukraine, which was suspended a special permit for subsoil use

2015 November

Start of construction of separation Plant #1

2015 September

Financing of the reconstruction of Plant #1 started

2015 September

The company has received the first payment from insurance recovery Plant #1

2015 May

In 2 weeks Velta terminated the reconstruction and restoration works and started the scheduled operations at the Plant №2

2014 November

The fire occurred at the Plant №1 of the MSC destroyed 60% of the total complex capacity

2014 October

Velta has changed the priority of its social activity to ATO injured soldiers support

2014 July

BT “Kirovohrad” won Championship in High League of Ukraine

2014 May

The second MCC stage has been built and all capital works have been finished. The general capacity of MCC comes up to 300 thousand tons per year.

2013 July

The first stage of MCC has achieved the full productive capacity.

2013 May

Byrzuliv raw material stocks have been estimated according to international system JORC.

2013 April

Production capacity expansion of the Birzulivske mineral Processing plant

2012 June

The company has started commercial ilmenit shipments

2012 April

Velta's Processing Plant was granted an award of "The best investment project of 2011 in Ukraine

2012 March

Drilling program commenced at Likarivske deposit

2012 January

The Processing Plant was opened

2011 December

Geological exploration permit was obtained for Likarivske deposit

2011 December

Velta trade company is established for trade flow optimization

2011 December

Velta LLC re-registstered in the Kirоvograd region

2011 December

Construction works started at Birzulivske deposit

2011 May

Construction permit was obtained for Birzulivske deposit

2010 October

Received the positive conclusion of the state projects expert agency

2010 October

Agreements of social partnership were signed between the Company and the Kirovograd Regional Administration and Rada (Council)

2010 September

Velta’s team of engineers starts design of the Processing plant

2010 March

Velta obtained permit for industrial facilities design works

2009 November

A certificate of Deposit Mining Allotment was obtained

2008 July

Licence for industrial mining of Birzulivske deposit was obtained

2007 June

First stage of the open pit development project prepared by Krivbasproekt Institute

2007 May

The assessment and approval of the deposit resources at the State Committee of natural resources of Ukraine

2007 January

Exploration works started

2006 December

Mr. Andriy Brodskiy became CEO of Velta LLC

2006 November

Permit for geological exploration of Birzulivske deposit

2000 December

Velta LLC was founded

2000 April
Andriy Brodskyy

The speech of CEO Velta LLC Andriy Brodskyy

Every grand project starts with strong believe in achievement of the goal and professional team which keeps on moving forward overcoming any obstacles.

Possessing both of these main components nowadays Velta takes its place at the titanium world market. Our production is a basis of continuous innovative move. We are the innovators developing our business leading to progress.

The goal of Velta team is to build the resource bridge between Ukraine and world consumers.

Having successfully accomplished the construction stage of the project we see our mission today in establishing and developing the reliable and long-term partnerships with the global industry players, as well as with Ukrainian community, to which we feel responsible for its social and environmental progress.

Our team is dynamic and creative in its future aims of the active development of the group’s titanium assets. In the nearest future we are going to expand our production by constructing the Likarivske mining and processing complex. To ensure the growth potential Velta keeps on assisting in geological explorations of the Ukrainian mineral sand deposits, as well as it works out a vertical integration development strategy designing the titanium slag plant for further upgrading of our main product.

Маnagement team

CEO Velta LLC Andriy Brodskyy

Andriy Brodskyy

Education: graduated from Dnipropetrovsk National Mining University majoring in "Beneficiation of mineral resources".


  • CEO at Velta from 2006
  • Graduated from National Mining University, specializing in Minerals Separation
  • Started own business engaged in the production of non-ferrous and alloyed metal compounds
  • Has over 12 years senior management experience in metal production and distribution companies, managing and developing an extensive system of marketing and trading in many countries, such as the Netherlands, Israel, Turkey, Russia, Uzbekistan, etc.

Financial Director Ivan Kapustin, MBA

Ivan Kapustin

In 2010 received MA degree in Information Management Systems and Technologies at Dnipropetrovsk National University.

In 2015 received MA degree in Finance at Dnipropetrovsk national mining academy.

In 2016-2018 completed the Executive MBA (EMBA) programme within the scope of EuroMBA at HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management, EADA Business School Barcelona, Aix-Marseille Graduate School of Management - IAE, School of Business and Economics of Maastricht University, Kozminski University, Audencia Business School Nantes.

Since 2011, he has been working in financial department of Velta LLC.

Appointed as Financial Director of Velta LLC in 2017.

Sales, Marketing and Strategic Development Director Olena Lesnyak

Olena Lesnyak

Education: In 1998 graduated from Dnipropetrovsk State University majoring as "Practicing psychologist. Teacher of English" 1997-1998 passed an intensive business course in management, marketing and finance at French-Ukrainian institute of business. 1998-1999 passed a training practice in psychology at Lumiere University, Lyon 2, France. Has a good command of English and French. 2014 - second basic higher education at Dniptopetrovsk National University majoring in "Economics of Enterprise"


  • Joined Velta in 2011
  • Has over 7 years work experience in sales & marketing in the Ukrainian and international companies

Plant Director Velta LLC Yuri Volskyy

Yuri Volskyy

Education: In 1987 graduated from Dnipropetrovsk State University majoring in "Robots and Technical Systems", specialty engineer – mechanic Joined Velta in 2011


  • Joined Velta in 2011
  • 15 years of experience in industrial sector executive positions.
  • State authority managing experience - Head of Industry and Infrastructure Development department of Kirovohrad regional administration.
  • Started his career with 5 year work at DB "Yuzhnoye", Dnipropetrovsk, at the position of design engineer.

Chief Technologist Igor Dubinin

Igor Dubinin

Education: In 2003 graduated with Honors from the National Mining University majoring in "Beneficiation of mineral resources" and obtained the qualification of mining engineer. 2004-2006 – second basic higher education at the same university majoring in "Economics and entrepreneurship".


  • Joined Velta in 2009
  • Has over 10 years experience in mining industry as a head of an experimental sector, processing engineer and chief processing engineer at Ukrainian Ti feedstock mining and separation enterprises
  • Has an experience in MSP design engineering works

Chief Project Engineer Sergiy Moroz

Sergiy Moroz

Education: In 1999 graduated from the National Mining Academy majoring in "Mining equipment".


  • Joined Velta in 2009
  • Over 10 years experience at one of the leading Ukrainian Ti feedstock mining and separation enterprise as a head of the engineering, design and construction department

PR Manager Public Relations Anna Kapustina

Anna Kapustina

Education: 2012 graduated from the Dnipropetrovsk State University majoring in journalistic. Press – secretary “Interfax” cources. 2014 "Project Management for creative teams. Agile in action" Kievo-Mogila Business School. 2014 – 2015 "Internet Marketing" course, Computer Academy "Shag"


  • Joined Velta in 2010
  • Head of media-holding "Media Dostup". Involving Kirovohrad news web-site "Tochka Dostupa" and regional newspaper "Novomirhorodski visti"
  • From 2006 to 2009 worked at TV channel "IPT" in the position of program manager.
  • Since 2009 worked as a journalist at the regional socio-political newspaper "Visti Prydniproviya" ("Dnieper Area News")