In its activities the company is guided by the rule to use natural resources in the most careful way.

The enterprise is designed in the way when negative impact on the environment is minimized.

The following facts speak for minimized impact on the environment:


Ore is processed without the use of chemical substances, and only thanks to the physical characteristics of mineral products.


The worked-out territory will be rehabilitated as «Velta» will execute recultivation of the land.


The maximum concentration of pollutants is twice lower than permissible according to the sanitary and hygiene standards.


Production does not affect the level and the purity of ground waters. Run-off flow of surface waters from the area of the mine to the bed of the river Velyka Vys and to small water drains is completely eliminated.


With the purpose of rational use of natural waters, the enterprise uses recirculated water supply.

Ilmenite concentrate of the Byrzulivske mine field is clear from radioactive particles

As a responsible company, we monitor carefully possible radioactivity of mineral products and conduct systematic inspections of air and water pollution.

For this, annually «Velta» performs inspection and control of mineral and finished products for the content of radioactive components at the laboratory centre of the State Service of Ukraine and the «Marzeev Institute for Hygiene and Medical Ecology».

During manufacturing, the company’s production undergoes triple quality control

The first one takes place after processing during the ilmenite uploading to the bin of finished products storage at the factory.

The second control is performed during the vehicles loading for transportation of concentrate to the station storage or for direct delivery to the customers.

The third time the quality is controlled while production is being loaded in the rail cars or containers at the station for further transportation to the port or to the final customer. Under the contractual terms, the last control can be carried out by experts of the SGS independent laboratory.

The basic quality control is carried out by employees of own laboratory who carefully perform the analysis of the ilmenite content in the ore and inspect the titanium concentration in the ilmenite grain at all stages of the processing.

The main research method is chemical, and in order to detect micro trace contaminants in the commodity products the X-ray method is used.