Velta LLC is reconstructing 60% of its MSP capacity

Sep 18, 2015

Velta LLC has started the reconstruction of 60% of its capacities destroyed by the fire about a year ago. On September 11, 2015 financing was guaranteed for Plant 1 MSP Wet Separation section (Kirovoghrad region). After the devastated fire the Company carried on the works at Plant 2. The reconstructed plant will allow Velta to achieve full annual capacity of 300 kt of ilmenite.

The new design of the plant is more advanced, as the company engineering team has taken into consideration the previous experience to ensure the better comfort and higher efficiency. The reconstruction will pass three stages: base renovation and coating; metal frame installation and panneling; technological and electrical networking and equipment installation. Our equipment suppliers will be Ukrainian companies as well as renowned mining-equipment manufacturers from South Africa and Europe.

To remind, on October 9, 2014 the fire started at Plant 1 of Velta LLC MSP. Thanks to the efficient and fast reaction no one of the staff has been damaged. The investigation of the reasons still takes place.

NB: Velta LLC is a Ukrainian company, founded in 2000 that holds two licenses for deposits in Kirovograd region – Likarivske and Birzulivske. At Birzulivske deposit, in 2011 the Mining and Separation Complex has been built during the record breaking 8 months. More than 500 working places have been created. General Director – Andriy Brodskiy.

Velta is one of a few Ukrainian mining companies that has approved its resource base according to JORC world standard. Velta operates soicaly responsible and transparent business that is confirmed by annual international auditing carried by Backer Tilly specialists.