“Velta” restores the Novomirgorod – Oleksandriya passenger bus route

Feb 27, 2012

The company “Velta” which develops the Birzulovo ilmenite deposit (Novomirgorod district, Kirovograd region) has reached an agreement with one of the local automotive companies to transport workers of the mining and beneficiation plant from Novomirgorod to Oleksandriya.

Andriy Brods’kiy, general director of “Velta” explained: “For the work at the facility we recruited about 60 professionals who reside in Oleksandriya: A brown coal mining facility is located there, and its technology is quite similar to ours – the mining of ilmenite.

The distance of 160 km prevented our workers to get to our facility comfortably and relatively inexpensively” He added: ”In the nearest future “Velta” plans to increase the number of skilled workers from Oleksandriya to 100 people”.

He also said that the “Velta” staff who reside in Oleksandriya will be transported to the site and back free of charge, while the Company is renting accommodation for its workers not far from the Birzulovo deposit site, so they do not need to commute to their homes every day. A. Brods’kiy added that the workers who work Mondey through Friday will once a week go home at the expense of the Company, for their days off, while those who work according to the watch schedule – whenever required.

In addition, “Velta” initiates the renewal of the Novomirgorod – Oleksandriya bus route for transporting common passengers. A. Brods’kiy said that the earlier existing bus route was cancelled after the FSU decay, and has not been in operation since that time.