“Velta” bought textbooks for the schoolchildren

Feb 28, 2012

The “Velta” Company which constantly sponsors the school in Korobchino (novomirgorod district, Kirovograd region) bought English language textbooks for its schoolchildren. Besides, 20 textbooks by Oksana Karpiuk “English Language for 3-4 Forms” were bought, 10 copies per class. 54 textbooks for the 3-4 forms (author M. Kuchma) were also bought for the 6-7-8 forms, 18 copies per class.

Such a present was of high importance for the teaching process as only the French language was taught at the school. Therefore when a new teacher who teaches the English language came to the school the teaching staff had a problem with the provision of textbooks of the new subject for their school.

Thus “Velta” made possible for the schoolchildren to study a new foreign language for that school, and it is worth mentioning that the Company bought the textbooks of the latest edition.

The teachers admitted that the provincial schools still experience difficulties with the material base for studying foreign languages due to the lack of textbooks and teaching aids. Therefore the availability of the so much needed books will become a new stimulus and an effective help for the pupils who study English.

According to Andriy Brods’kiy, in the near future the Company plans to buy some other textbooks and aids for the Korobchino school, both for studying English and other subjects.

It is worth noting that this is not the first evidence of the social activity of “Velta”. For example, before the start of the mining and beneficiation plant construction the Company signed an agreement with the Kirovograd regional administration and regional Rada on the social partnership which envisaged investments in the district development by “Velta” in the amount of 500 thousand UAH.

As of the late 2011 the Company has invested in the social development of the district a sum twice more than it had promised – 940 thousand UAH that was spent on buying a school bus, repairing the children’s wards at the Central district hospital of Novomirgorod, repair of roads, purchase of cars for WWII invalids, sponsorship of the local football team.