“Velta” saved the Korobchino school from the severe winter frosts

Mar 12, 2012

During the 2011/2012 winter season ”Velta” bought 6 truckloads of firewood for the secondary school of Korobchino, Novomirgorod district, Kirovograd region, thus saving the schoolchildren and their teachers from the severe colds. Each truckload cost 1800 UAH, or in total the firewood provision cost 10,800 UAH.

Besides, due to the firewood bought by “Velta” during the cold January-February period of 2012 heating was provided at both of the school buildings – for the primary and secondary classes where stoves are available.

The teachers said that because of the severe frosts much more firewood was used in comparison to ordinary winters. Therefore the help rendered by “Velta” was of vital importance for the children who had the opportunity to study in a warm environment. And during the holiday period it became possible to maintain the optimum temperature on the premises.

It’s worth reminding that it is not the first evidence of the social liability of the “Velta” Company. From the very beginning of the mining and beneficiation plant construction “Velta” signed an agreement with the Kirovograd regional administration and regional Rada on the social partnership that envisaged “Velta” Company’s investments in the district development in the amount of 500 thousand UAH.

As of the late 2011 the Company has invested in the social development of the district a sum twice more than it had promised – 940 thousand UAH that was spent on buying a school bus, repairing the children’s wards at the Central district hospital of Novomirgorod, repair of roads, purchase of cars for WWII invalids, sponsorship of the local football team.