In two years Ukraine will become one of the two largest global producers of titanium raw materials

Mar 23, 2012

During the next two years Ukraine will become one of the two largest global producers of titanium raw materials. Such estimate was formulated by Andriy Brods’kiy, general director of the “Velta” Company on the basis of the studies of the world trends of the titanium raw material market. “Velta” is developing the Birzulovo ilmenite deposit in Novomirgorod district, Kirovograd region. According to A. Brods’kiy’s estimate the chance of the Ukraine to become the primary world producer of titanium raw materials is high.

“Within the next two years Ukraine will either become the first in the list of the countries which produce titanium raw materials or will be one of the two major producers thereof”’ – he said. Now, as A. Brods’kiy said, Ukraine is within the six raw material producers; the team also includes (besides Ukraine and Australia) South Africa, Mozambique, Madagascar, Canada.

A. Brods’kiy added that until recently the primary producer of the titanium raw material was Australia. But now the basic ilmenite deposits of the world are exhausted. “Besides, Australia almost stopped its export of the basic types of ilmenite. The production is being reduced in Canada, Madagascar. But the output of the titanium raw materials is intensively increasing in Ukraine and Mosambique” – added A. Brods’kiy.

We’d like to remind that on 27 December 2011 an ilmenite mining and beneficiation plant was opened by the “Velta” Company in the vicinity of the Korobchino village (Novomirgorod district, Kirovograd region). According to the conclusion of the International titanium congress “Asia in Focus”, “Velta” turned to be the only company in the world that will start supplying ilmenite already in 2012, while other projects will in the average require from 3 to 10 years for starting production and delivery of the raw material.