Andriy Nikolaienko visited international Annual Investment Meeting

Apr 28, 2017

An international forum on investment projects which is annually organized by Ministry of Foreign trade of UAE took place in Dubai on April 2-4. Velta LLC was represented by Andriy Nikolaienko, the Chairman of Board of Directors. Mutual interest of Ukraine and Dubai resulted in the hall full of visitors during the Ukrainian reception and personal visits of Minister of Economy of UAE and the forum organizer to Ukrainian stand.

"Arabic investors see the future projects in Ukraine in the fields of agriculture, power industry, infrastructure and natural resources. However, the high level of corruption and military operations in the country’s territory serve so far as deterrents”, - pointed out Mr. Nikolaienko.

Moreover, the limited entry of investors in Ukraine is due to the lack of sufficient information posessed by foreign companies and funds. Ukrainian delegation considers the possibility to visit the next forum, which will take place on April 10-12, 2018.