Velta sponsored print of chemistry textbooks

May 17, 2017

Velta LLC financed print of 320 chemistry textbooks that would help the pupils of Novomyrgorod schools to prepare for External Independent Testing. The author is Valentyna Shcherbina, chemistry teacher in Novomyrgorod school No.3. Velta supported the initiative of Ms. Shcherbina by sponsoring color layout and printing. 180 textbooks will remain in school No.3, 100 will be given to school libraries in other districts of the county, and another 40 will be sent to Kropyvnytskyy and Education Office of Novomyrgorod district state administration.

Specialists, who work in the fields such as chemistry, physics and technics are very needed today at job market, - said Chief Ecologist of Velta LLC Oleksandr Lazarev. - That is why the support of educational projects is so important for Velta. We also hope to see some of those graduates after professional education at our facility.