Park area was open in celebration of Independence Day in Novomyrgorod

Aug 25, 2017

Velta has completed the first stage of large-scale reconstruction of Novomyrgorod central park. The park area was officially open on August 24 after 6 months of construction work.

The basis of the design were laconism and functionality, however the park is full of innovative elements, such as a dry fountain, rollerdrome, geoplastics (hills with small tunnels covered with lawn) and children's eco-playground. Three types of lighting were used, the pathways are tiled and their dimensions remain as they were to provide comfort of walking.

The total area of city's central park is 4 hectares. The first stage concentrated on the most difficult part of it - 1,4 hectares, where half a year back was a wasteland. In order to green up that space, 101 tree and 758 shrubs were planted.

“Last year Velta began to improve city infrastructure within the framework of cooperation agreement. This year it has already become a trend and another three big companies of the region joined us. The mechanism is very simple - community and local authorities make a request, and we implement it with joined effort and budget. So, today we are standing in a modern park, but this is just the first stage of reconstruction!”– said Andriy Nikolaienko, the Chairman of Board of Directors of Velta at the opening.

The total budget of the first stage of reconstruction was more than 3,5 million hryvnias. Velta has invested in park more than 2,2 million hryvnias, agricultural companies LLC "Novomyrgorodsky tsukor", private agricultural enterprise "Birzulove”, JSC "Agrolan" invested together more than 730 thousand hryvnias, and city budget added 600 thousand hryvnias.

Velta plans to finish the reconstruction of the entire park area in the next 2-3 years. Before the Independence Day in 2016 the company had completed full renovation of the central square of Novomyrgorod.