Velta increases the level of education in Novomyrgorod

Sep 2, 2017

Velta takes an active part in increasing the level of education of schoolchildren. Compared with the last year, results of the External Independent Testing in chemistry in Novomyrgorod county increased. The number of students who did not receive the minimal score descreased, and the number of the ones who had a high score went up by 5,3%.

One of the reasons of improvement is the festival of STREAM-education development, a Science Picnic which Velta held in summer in Novomyrgorod. The company purchased chemical reagents and equipment for experiments in advance. More that half a thousand schoolchildren from Novomyrgorod county and even Mala Vyska village took part in Science Picnic. The children got acquainted with the properties of ilmenite, experimented in tents for physics, chemistry, biology, maths, technology, languages and arts. As a sweet treat, Velta prepared for them Eco-cookies and pastilles.

All the equipment was given to Junior Science Academy of Novomyrgorod, where children will have an opportunity to learn on real experiments.