“Velta” provided work for the 400-th worker

Jun 5, 2012

“Velta” – the company that is developing the Birzulovo ilmenite deposit (Kirovograd region, Novomirgorod district) has already provided work for its 400-th worker at the Company’s ilmeniote mining and beneficiation facility. As a result, the first phase of the enterprise operation has now the complete number of the staff members. The majority of the facility personnel are citizens of the Novomirgorod and other nearby districts. A quarter of them are skilled specialists that were recruited all over Ukraine.

Andriy Brods’kiy, general director of the Company “Velta” said: “During the month of May 30 new workers joined our team: this is the last recruitment, now there are no vacancies in the employment list. To our regret the level of unemployment in the district is high, in view of this we currently have 80 people in reserve. But in the nearest future “Velta” plans to begin the construction of the second phase of the facility, this will provide jobs for about 100 people. I hope that any person who wishes to get rid of the status “unemployed” will find his place at the Company’s mining and beneficiation plant”.

We’d like to note that the average salary at the plant is almost 3.7 thousand UAH, while the average salary in the Kirovograd region, according the “Derzhstat” data (State Statistics body) as of April 2012 was 2,331 UAH. And “Velta” as one of the largest enterprises in the region maintains stability in the salary payments for all personnel.