Velta carries out the additional drilling program on the Birzulivske ilmenite deposit

Jun 13, 2012

Velta LLC according to the planned activities conducts an additional exploration on the Birzulivske ilmenite deposit, which is the basis for the mining and processing complex of titanium ore extraction and processing (Kirovograd region, Novomirgorod district).

Currently the company is narrowing the drilling network-detailed advance exploration in order to determine an optimal mine path.

“This will help to balance the work of the pit and the processing plant”,-informed Andriy Brodsky , General Director at Velta LLC.

According to Andrew Brodsky, these activities, provided for the development of ilmenite deposits technology, have been planned in advance. In the course of additional drilling it’s planned to make more than 150 drill holes.

Note: mining and processing complex of Velta commenced its industrial ilmenite shippings in April of current year.