“Velta” passed the “exam” by the veterans of the district

Jun 26, 2012

14 June the ilmenite mining and processing enterprise was visited by the district organization of Ukrainian veterans.

Their aim was to get personally acquainted with the operation and the conditions in which the personnel work there.

“We were really surprised by the large-scale enterprise, and saw with our own eyes that maximum safety is provided for the workers, and all operations are environmentally friendly. The company created adequate operating conditions. To-day the organization of veterans intends to carry out informative activities among the district population to make the young people interested in acquiring technical specialities – concluded A. Golovchenko, head of the Novomirgorod town council of veterans.

Andriy Brodsky, general director of “Velta”, commented: “Velta” welcomes visits by the local residents, and we understand that the operation of such a large enterprise generates a lot of questions. And we are glad to learn that our enterprise passed well the exam arranged by the organization of veterans”.

It is worth noting that “Velta” every year greets every veteran or invalid of the Great Patriotic War in the Novomirgorod district on the Victory Day.