Novomirgorod is becoming an industrial center of the Kirovograd region

Jul 13, 2012

15 July is the Day of the first simultaneous celebration of the Day of the Town and the Workers’ Day of the metallurgical and mining industries. The decision to observe these dates on the same day was taken by the 16th session of the Novomirgorod town Rada (Council) held 14 June 2012. From that day they will be celebrated jointly, on the day of the miners’ professional holiday, that is on the third week of July.

According to the information from the town Rada, this decision was taken on the initiative of the Head of the Kirovograd regional administration Serhiy Larin, General Director of the “Velta” Company Andriy Brodsky, Head of the Novomirgorod district administration Oleksandr Kovtun and town mayor Yakiv Nemirovsky.

Andriy Brodsky stressed: “It is really a historic decision: now the vital importance of the mining industry for the region is acknowledged officially: until now the area was traditionally known only as an agrarian one. From now on Novomirgorod is becoming an industrial and mining center of the whole Kirovograd region”.

The Novomirgorod town Rada has recently announced: ”Velta” has published very important information – 400 workers received jobs at that company, the majority of these miners being residents of Novomirgorod. The town authorities have already named the year of 2011 “The Year of “Velta”. Rada also said: ”This decision had no opponents taking into regard the perspective development of the Likarivka ore field and the development of the deposit being currently mined; their potential operating life is estimated to continue dozens of years; the social activities that are given priority by the company, and the traditional sympathy of the Novomirgorod residents to the representatives of the ore mining industry – reasons of the unanimous support of the Rada’s decision.