On the eve of the Ukraine Independence Anniversary “Velta” noted 15 workers who are the best among the best

Aug 23, 2012

Celebrating the 21st anniversary of the Ukraine Independence “Velta” awarded with monetary premiums and certificates of good work 15 workers of the ilmenite ore mining and beneficiation facility (Birzulovo deposit in Novomirgorod district, Kirovograd region).

“I am pleased to say that the enterprise of our company “Velta” is not only positively affects the development of the Kirovograd region, but represents Ukraine with dignity at the international market of the titanium-containing raw materials. Our advance positively affects the mage of this country, and our achievements are the result of the good work of all workers of the enterprise In view of this the company decided to award those staff members who understand the value of their personal input for the benefit of all the Ukraine”,- noted Andriy Brodsky, general director of the “Velta” company.

It should be noted that 400 persons have already got jobs at the mining and beneficiation facility, and when the second stage of the enterprise is put into operation (its construction is being carried out at high rate) the number of jobs will reach 500. The enterprise arranged vocational training and skills upgrading for the workers; the average salary is 3.7 thousand UAH.