“Velta” assigned 200 thousand UAH for the protection against flooding

Dec 4, 2012

The spring flooding of the Novomirgorod district and of the adjacent villages of the Cherkassy region was duly averted due to the joint efforts of the “Velta” company and of the Kirovograd regional state administration. To this end the debris removal from the Velyka Vys river over 33 km from the Novomirgorod town to the Krupske village was envisaged.

The relevant decision was approved during the joint meeting held at the premises of the mining and beneficiation facility of the “Velta” company.

The Velyka Vys river over many years got silted and filled with the growing reed due to its specific natural characteristics. Besides, after the long-term heat of the summer and lack of rainfalls the water pool actually dried out. So it was expected that after a snowy winter flooding of the river adjacent villages would take place, concluded Oleksandr Lysenko department chief of the Kirovograd region ecological inspection.

To preserve an adequate ecological situation in the Kirovograd and Cherkassy regions, “Velta” company ordered a project for the river bed cleaning and provision of protective forestation of the river benches; the total cost amounted 200 thousand UAH.

“After finalizing the design work “Velta” on the conditions of joint financing with the regional government will participate in the project fulfillment. Thus, besides preserving the public tranquility of the population in the nearby villages we shall be able to bring back the condition and appearance of the river which it had some 10-15 years ago”,- announced Andriy Brodsky, general director of “Velta”.

According to the permit that grants special water usage the enterprise of the “Velta” company also uses the water from the Velyka Vys river for its industrial needs. But the process is based on water recycling.

“The company’s enterprise uses only 10% of the total water volume of the river, and it should be taken into account that the river gets shallow far upstream of the mining/production facility, therefore it is impossible to blame “Velta” as a cause of the river drying out. Many rivers in the Cherkassy region dry out due to climatic reasons and siltation, but, regretfully, there are absolutely no enterprises who initiate adequate environment protection activities”,- stressed A. Osokin, representative of the state inspection in Cherkassy region.