A new range of “Velta”’s positive activities

Jan 18, 2013

17 December the Kirovograd region governor Andriy Nikolayenko during his working trip got acquainted with the current state of the capital repairs at the perinatal department in the premises of the stationary facility of the district medical unit in the town of Novomirgorod. The work is carried out with the joint financing by “Velta” and by the regional government. The cost of the complete re-equipment of the facility amounts 740 thousand UAH. During the first stage of the revamping “Velta” has already invested about 120 thousand UAH.

The governor Andriy Nikolayenko said that the expenses for buying the equipment required for the adequate activities of the perinatal center would be covered by the regional government. It is planned to start using the premises of the new department (its annual capacity is from 300 to 1000 births) on the eve of the Day of children’s protection.

It is worth mentioning that this is not the only capital repair in the main medical facility of Novomirgorod supported by “Velta”. In 2011 the company invested more than 500 thousand UAH into the repair of the children’s department of the district medical unit of Novomirgorod.

During that trip the governor also opened a kindergarden in the Korobchino village after its capital repairs. It was a happy occasion for the village children and their parents because the kindergarden “Sonechko” (“the Sun”) had to be operated not full day during the 2010-2011 period as the heating system did not work.

Andriy Nikolayenko said: “This kindergarden is a vivid proof of the fact that we continue our efforts to improve the wellbeing of the population in our region. The regional government will welcome any positive effort and assistance by our people’s deputies, local businessmen, agrarians. From this viewpoint Korobchino got a lucky chance – you have a very efficient company in your area which does a lot of good for the population.

More than 1 million hryvnas were spent in the repairing and improving of the material base of the preschool facility (400 thousand hryvnas – from the district budget and 620 thousand hryvnas – by the village rada).

Andriy Brodsky, general director of the “Velta” company commented: ”The opening of this kindergarden shows very convincingly how the taxes paid in due time and in adequate amounts come back to the residents of the villages and districts where large enterprises work. Our company will continue observing its policy of the region development, both by direct socially oriented investments, and by honestly paid taxes”.