A new senior coach of the “Kirovograd” basketball team was presented

Feb 26, 2013

Igor Chigrinov, the new coach, was officially presented to the team on Monday, 25 February. In addition to the new coach the team received new strategic tasks as well: from the basketball club president, general director of the “Velta” company Andriy Brodsky, and the head of the Kirovograd regional administration Andriy Nikolayenko.

“This year we have to win the Cup of Ukraine, and next year – the higher league”,- clarified Andriy Brodsky the ambitious plans of the “Kirovograd” basketball club.

Andriy Nikolayenko confirmed in his turn: the leaders of the region will continue supporting the team. “I am pleased to see how basketball is advancing in the Kirovograd region. And I am happy to see that we have here the business which sponsors sport. Our tasks are ambitious, but I am sure that the new management will make them a reality, and Igor Chigrinov will prove that his experience and background will bring a positive result”. Andriy Nikolayenko presented to the new “Kirovograd” team coach a photo album about our oblast, and wished him to become an admirer of this beautiful and glorious region.

“Basketball is a team game. But I’d like to form our team not only as a member of the “Kirovograd” basketball club, but of all the Kirovograd region, - said Igor Chigrinov. And we in our turn shall do everything that we are able to make our fans and basketball sport veterans happy with our high quality playing”. Igor Chigrinov said that now he will pay special attention to upgrading the defending and attacking skills in the team, as well as to increase the physical qualities of the players.

His predecessor Andriy Babenko will remain in the club and work with the youth team.