Velta is patenting a new titanium metal production method in the U.S.

Feb 10, 2020

VELTA HOLDING US has applied to the United States Patent and Trademark Office for patenting a new titanium metal production method. This is the first among numerous Velta RD Titan’s inventions, which are being prepared for review at the patent offices in the U.S. and Ukraine this year.

“When we started the mining business, our goal was to create a vertically integrated high-technology group. Our aim is processing feedstock into the final product, and we have chosen the path of new technologies for this purpose. Speaking of vision, VELTA seeks to create the new market for affordable titanium,” commented Andriy Brodskyy, the president of VELTA HOLDING US.

Since 2017, Velta RD Titan has been working on exploring new approaches to the production of titanium materials. In this research, scientists especially focused on titanium metal.
The key difference between the method undergoing a patent procedure and the long-existing ones is minimized energy consumption and the number of stages to obtain titanium.

During the creation of the holding structure VELTA HOLDING US Inc. will incorporate Velta LLC, which owns Byrzulivske mining and processing complex with a 9-year production history. Velta occupies 2% of the global titanium feedstock market and plans to expand its assets through the construction of Likarivske complex. The structure will also include Velta RD Titan.