Velta Tests First Affordable Titanium Products

May 19, 2020

Velta LLC has launched its second R&D center Velta Titanium Metal, located in Kyiv. The new research laboratory is aimed at the production and testing of final product made of affordable titanium, which the company receives using its own technology.

Dnipro-based Velta RD Titan had developed a new method for the production of metal titanium and made a significant breakthrough in scaling the process. The semi-industrial site of the research center produces dozens of kilograms of titanium raw material. This year, the business unit also plans to enter the next phase of operation by producing tons of the material to manufacture the final product. However, Velta Titanium Metal is already testing titanium powder for household items.

“I very clearly understand that the new high technologies will become the main driver of our company’s development. I also understand well that they can become one of the most important drivers for the development of Ukraine in general”, commented Velta’s CEO Andriy Brodskyy on his Facebook page.

Velta LLC has repeatedly announced its plans to create a vertically integrated group, engaged in the whole process from feedstock mining to manufacturing final titanium products. The company owns Byrzulivske mining and processing plant and Likarivske ilmenite deposit.

Velta RD Titan is a research and development center that pioneered the new method of metal titanium production and conducts further researches to minimize the production cost of this metal. It has filed its patents with U.S. and Ukrainian patent offices. Velta RD Titan is producing metal powder from titanium feedstock mined at Byrzulivske MMP.

Velta Titanium Metal is a new research laboratory that tests various approaches to the production of final household items from titanium powder received at Velta RD Titan.