Velta plans to turn a flooded coal mine into an innovative plant

Jul 1, 2020

Velta LLC has chosen Ukraine as the country where it will build a titanium powder production plant that will operate based on its own innovative method. The patent offices of both Ukraine and the United States are already processing the company's application for a copyright on the new titanium metal production method.

At the same time, Velta’s own design bureau is designing the facility with a view to build it on the recently acquired site in the Novomyrhorod district in Kirovohrad region.

The company leased a 12.7-hectare industrial land plot for 29 years. Its grounds were previously used by the Novomyrhorodska mine that extracted lignite coal. After 16 years of operation, the mine was liquidated by flooding, leaving its 1,500 workers unemployed.

“The vertical integration of our company within the district leads to a logical creation of an industrial park and gives a good example of the reindustrialization of the Soviet industrial heritage. If the Verkhovna Rada will pass the bills on the industrial parks and the state institutions provide incentives to such industrial objects, it will give a significant boon to the development of the country", said Andriy Brodsky, CEO of Velta.