Velta continues to patent its green method of obtaining affordable titanium

Sep 2, 2020

VELTA HOLDING US has filed another application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office for a patent on the green method of obtaining affordable titanium powder. 

The method is called the Velta Ti Process and solves two main problems that obstruct the mass use of titanium – reduces the cost of the metal and assures green approach to the production.

Lowering energy consumption and processing all by-products into high value-added goods allow for dramatically reducing the cost of titanium. The technology generates neither any solid or liquid waste, nor any emissions of harmful gases into the atmosphere; it also has a very low carbon footprint.

“Velta is actively patenting its own invention both in the United States and in Ukraine. Moreover, Ukraine is the country where company’s new facility for the production of the final product will be located”, said Andriy Brodskyy, CEO of Velta.

The Velta Ti Process allows for obtaining the most popular Grade 5 titanium alloy, which consists of 90% titanium, 4% vanadium, and 6% aluminum. This alloy is used in the aerospace, medical, and aviation industries. However, the goal of Velta is to produce household goods from affordable titanium.

Titanium powder obtained by the Velta Ti Process can be used in powder metallurgy and 3D printing.