For the first time in Ukraine, Velta obtained 400 kg of titanium using an alternative method

Oct 8, 2020

Research and development center Velta RD Titan, located in Dnipro and owned by Velta LLC, has obtained 400 kg of metal titanium powder using its own innovative method.

The last publicly announced result of titanium production by an alternative method belongs to a Korean-Australian partnership between Australian Strategic Materials и Zirconium Technology Corporation. In August 2020, they announced the production of 9 kg of titanium powder.

The semi-industrial site of Velta RD Titan began to increase its production in July. The capacities started with 50 kg and are expected to reach 250-300 kg of titanium powder per month in October.

“We are focused on testing the powder, which already has a stable quality, as well as testing final products made of it. Our goal of making household goods from affordable titanium remains unchanged”, commented Andriy Brodskyy, CEO of Velta.

The innovative method, called the Velta Ti Process, makes it possible to obtain the most popular titanium alloys, Grade 5 and Grade 4. The latter has the status of a medical alloy and is used in the aviation and chemical industries.

Velta LLC owns Likarivske and Byrzulivske deposits of ilmenite. For the last nine years, the latter has been serving as the basis of a mining and processing complex that extracts and processes titanium ore. Velta holds 2% of the global market share for titanium raw materials.

Velta RD Titan is a research and development center, which invented the latest technology for the production of metal titanium and continues further research to minimize production costs of titanium. Velta RD Titan produces metallic powder from the titanium feedstock of Byrzulivske MPP.

Velta Titanium Metal is a research laboratory that tests a variety of approaches to the production of final products from titanium powder obtained by Velta RD Titan.