Velta received a patent on affordable titanium production method

Oct 28, 2020

An innovative method of obtaining metal titanium, developed by the Velta RD Titan research center, received a favorable decision from the Ukrainian Institute of Intellectual Property (Ukrpatent).

The new method significantly reduces the cost of titanium thanks to the low energy consumption of the process. Titanium has a number of significant advantages over widely used metals: It is durable and light-weight, withstands extreme temperatures and aggressive environments, and is biocompatible. However, the high cost historically restrained the explosive growth of its application. Thus, the Ukrainian invention of obtaining affordable titanium can start the process of global changes in the metal market. Moreover, Velta’s technology includes a zero-emission concept.

“Velta’s goal is to make titanium household goods affordable to the average consumer. We have not only developed the technology for obtaining affordable titanium, but also receive hundreds of kilograms of powder and test the final products made of our own metal titanium”, said Andriy Brodskyy, Velta CEO. Since 2017, Velta RD Titan has been studying new approaches to obtaining titanium materials. The research and development center has filed its first patent application for the new technology with the United States and Ukraine patent offices in February this year.