Social responsibility

Velta’s social projects are being implemented in Novomyrgorod and the surrounding municipalities – Mala Vyska, Velyka Vyska, Kapitanivka, Znamyanka, and even the regional center – Kropyvnytskyi.
More than 5,000 people gather for the events organized by the company..

30 mln UAH

Social investments in the region exceeded 30 million UAH.

250 mln UAH

Over 250 million UAH of taxes were paid to local, regional and national budgets.

600 jobs

The company has created over 600 jobs in the region.


  • Infrastructure development, creation of family-friendly space
  • STEM education
  • Charity support to ill children through DobroDiy Charity Exchange
  • Support to talented children
  • Assistance to the fighters in the Joint Forces Operation
  • Assistance to vulnerable segments of the population – the elderly and the WWII veterans


2017 – ongoing Investment amount – over 7 mln UAH

In 2019, Velta has completed the third phase of reconstruction of Novomyrgorod Central Park. During this time, for the first time in Ukraine we used geoplastics– an artificial change of landscape. More than 2,000 various ornamental plants have been planted; a rollerdrome, two fountains and children’s eco-playground were installed. Velta has also committed itself to maintaining the park area.


Implemented in 2016 Investment amount – over 1 mln UAH.

Velta renovated the fountain and reconstructed the central square of Novomyrgorod – a meeting place for residents and visitors of the city on holidays, which has not been repaired since Soviet times.


2014 - 2019

During 2014-2015, Velta repaired the children’s and maternity wards at the central district hospital of Novomyrgorod.

In 2019, we have completely repaired the floor structure and changed the flooring in a classroom at Novomyrgorod Secondary School No.3.

The STEM Education Project

2017 - 2019 Investment amount – 114 thous. UAH

One of the STEM education methods is the Science Picnic, during which children learn the basics of science, technologies, engineering, and math while playing. In 2019, the interactive event took place for the third time, with the number of participants reaching 1,200: in addition to children of Novomyrgorod, junior visitors arrived from Mala Vyska, Kapitanivka, Znamyanka, and Kropyvnytskyi. Each year Velta purchases equipment and reagents for chemical and physical experiments, which after the event are donated to the local schools for further use.


2017 - 2019 Investment amount – 117 thous. UAH


Velta sponsored the First LEGO League – a global project that inspires children to learn science, technology, math, and use LEGO kits to take part in solving global problems.

We supported the Star Wars themed festival in Novomyrgorod, organized by a student of the All-Ukrainian School of the Agents of Change.

We provided the Novomyrgorod Secondary School No.2 with the worms that process organic waste into compost.

And purchased equipment for a student photography club.


Velta sponsored a training of an English teacher from Novomyrgorod Secondary School at GoGlobal language camp in Kyiv, where teachers acquaint themselves with modern teaching methodologies.


Velta sponsored Global Game Jam 2017 – the largest international hackathon for developing computer games.

With our assistance, more than 300 copies of copyright chemistry textbook for the External Independent Testing preparation were published.

Assistance to vulnerable segments of the population

Investment amount – about 50 thous. UAH annually

Velta considers it its responsibility to support those who need the most attention – children and the elderly. Every year on St. Nicholas Day, the company gives sweet gifts to kindergarten pupils, and visits veterans, the persons disabled in WWII, and their widows on May 9.

In 2019, Velta purchased sports equipment for the pensioners, who can use it to work out at the local Territorial Center for Social Services.

Urgent assistance

2015 – ongoing Investment amount – 2.1 mln UAH

Throughout the company’s operation, it has actively cooperated with the DobroDiy Charity Exchange. At its requests, Velta has transferred more than 2 million UAH, which helped 237 children with oncology disease, ICP, and other serious illnesses.


2012 – 2014 Investment amount – 2.5 mln UAH

Velta became the driving force of basketball revival in Kirovohrad region by reconstructing a sports complex, which became the first modern sports arena in the whole region. The company was also the primary sponsor of Kirovohrad Basketball Club that almost made it to Ukrainian Basketball SuperLeague in 2013/2014. Despite finishing this project 7 years ago, its result – the repaired sports complex – still remains the training and playing center for the teams of Kirovohrad region, and the development of basketball continues.